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Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens, Mineola, NY For pizza lovers and entertainers alike, a backyard pizza oven is an excellent addition that facilitates memorable gatherings. Your pizzeria-caliber equipment lets you craft delectable artisanal pizzas to delight families and impress guests. Children especially enjoy assembling their pies. The interactive experience brings people together, sparking conversation.

Watching the flames roast dough to chewy perfection and melt the cheese into irresistible bubbles is mesmerizing entertainment. The delicious aromas lure people from all over the yard. Pizza ovens are highly social, turning the activity into an event. With the ability to quickly bake crispy crusts and browned cheese in minutes, a pizza oven ensures no one waits long to devour their meal.

Premium Pizza Ovens

If you want to give your get-togethers an interactive focal point while satisfying cravings, install an Outdoor Living Long Island pizza oven in your outdoor space this season. We offer an excellent selection of elite pizza ovens for customers across.

From wood-fired brick ovens to sleek stainless steel gas models, we carry an impressive range of outdoor pizza ovens from top brands. You can choose from various fuel types, sizes, designs, and price points, ensuring every customer finds their ideal oven to dish out artisanal pizzas in their backyard.

Pizza Oven Brands We Carry

An outdoor pizza oven is a must-have addition to your patio or deck for exceptional pizza that rivals your favorite pizzeria. We proudly carry two premier pizza oven brands known for their superb baking capabilities -

  • Alfa - Alfa offers discerningly designed wood-fired pizza ovens made from the highest quality materials. Their ovens are handcrafted from thick Gaizdes bricks and coated in an oven-grade stucco exterior, and they bake pizzas in just 60-90 seconds, reaching temperatures over 800°F. The combination of conduction and convection heat creates the perfect crust every time. These elegant ovens feature a spacious 40" x 26" cooking surface to accommodate multiple pizzas.

  • Pinnacolo - Pinnacolo pizza ovens have a modern, sleek look, and deliver exceptional performance with Italian-inspired style. Available as either wood-fired or gas-fueled models, these ovens quickly bake pizzeria-level pies. They combine stainless steel interiors with durable porcelain-enameled exteriors to withstand the elements, and the brand offers built-in or portable freestanding units to match your setting.

Choose The Right Pizza Oven

Selecting the ideal pizza oven is an important decision, and our team uses our expertise to ensure customers find the perfect model. We consider your space dimensions, usage requirements, fuel type preferences, and budget to recommend the best oven.

Whether you need a compact tabletop oven for weeknights or a spacious brick oven for parties, we'll identify the right fit. We're here to guide you through choosing an exceptional pizza oven tailored to your backyard. With our years of experience, we simplify the process so you can start making delectable pizzas for your family and friends.

For more details about these Pizza Oven products we carry, please call Outdoor Living Long Island at 516-747-9447. Please use this Contact Us form to write to us, and we will call back soon to discuss your requirements.