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Fire Gear

Firegear Products, Mineola, NY Firegear products are innovative, and the company offers a wide range of premium solutions designed to elevate any outdoor space. From sleek fire pits to cutting-edge ignition systems, the company sets the standard for excellence in outdoor heating and entertainment. Outdoor Living Long Island is a leading dealer of Firegear fire features and accessories.

Firegear Products specializes in crafting premium outdoor heating and entertainment solutions designed to elevate outdoor spaces with style and functionality. Their key offerings include:

  • Kalea Bay – The series features modern and luxurious fire features seamlessly blending into outdoor settings, adding sophistication and charm to any space.

  • Sanctuary Series - It offers a range of fire pits and heating solutions designed to provide warmth and comfort, creating inviting outdoor sanctuaries for relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Heat - This line includes various heating options, from traditional fireplaces to contemporary fire tables, providing customizable warmth tailored to any outdoor environment.

  • The LUME - The LUME combines fire and lighting features, illuminating outdoor spaces with its striking design while providing practical illumination for gatherings and events.

  • AWS Ignition - Advanced Wireless Systems (AWS) Ignition technology offers precise temperature control and ease of use, revolutionizing outdoor heating with advanced control capabilities.

  • Burners & Kits – The brand offers a range of burners and kits for customizable fire features, providing versatility and flexibility for outdoor heating solutions tailored to individual preferences.

  • Firepit Systems - You can choose from turnkey solutions for creating captivating outdoor fire features, combining elegance and functionality for unforgettable outdoor experiences.

  • SRW/Paver Kits - These kits streamline the integration of fire features into outdoor landscapes, offering convenience and ease of installation to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

  • Conversion Kits - Firegear's conversion kits provide a cost-effective solution for transitioning traditional fireplaces to efficient and eco-friendly gas alternatives, offering easy installation and reliable performance.

Firegear Accessories

The company also offers various accessories to enhance and protect your fire features. Covers safeguard unused pits from weathering, while mesh lids prevent dangerous spark spray. Windshields block drafts that disrupt flames in windy conditions. Decorative fire bowls and fire glass or lava rock media beds allow for customized design and aesthetics.

Power supplies provide adjustable control of flame heights and ignition. With their quality accessories, FireGear equips you with all the convenience, safety, and personalization features needed to get the maximum enjoyment from your outdoor fire pit or fireplace investment.

For more details about these Firegear products we carry, please call Outdoor Living Long Island at 516-747-9447. If you prefer to write to us, please use this Contact Us form; we will call back soon to discuss your requirements.