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Omega Fire Place Mantels

Omega Fire Place Mantels, Mineola, NY A fireplace mantel serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. As a structural component, it frames the firebox and distributes the weight of the chimney system. Visually, the mantel acts as a focal point and design anchor for a room. With their combination of utility and elegance, it’s no wonder fireplace mantels remain a coveted feature in homes.

As the leading fireplace supplier in Mineola, NY, Outdoor Living Long Island offers a diverse selection of mantels to meet every design need.

Complementary Readymade Designs

We supply readymade mantels that beautifully complement any space from well-known brands in styles, and you can choose from:

  • Classic Mantels - Traditionally styled mantels hearken back to ornate Victorian designs, often featuring carved detailing, columns, arched openings, and elegant trim work.

  • Contemporary Floating Mantels - Streamlined, minimally adorned mantels that seem to "float" on the wall with discreet mounting, maintaining clean sight lines.

  • Transitional Mantels - Mantels blend elements of traditional and contemporary styles for a timeless, inviting look, with simple panels and trim accents.

Custom Omega Fire Place Mantels

We supply custom-built designs tailored to your specifications for a truly unique mantel. We collaborate with talented local artisans to handcraft mantels from your chosen materials and finishes to match your vision. Any size, style, or design details can be incorporated, whether you desire rustic timber, elegant marble, or contemporary styling. Our expertise guiding the process ensures the perfect mantel for your space is designed to order. We provide all the specialized materials for skilled installers to complete the custom project. Bring your mantel concepts to life by leveraging our supply relationships for one-of-a-kind, locally-built statement pieces.

Matchless Quality Craftsmanship in Mantels

All our mantels display superb artisanship perfected over decades. Every cut, joint, and finish adheres to time-honored techniques for sturdy construction. We verify exemplary quality before selecting any product for our inventory so you can get stylish, robust, and durable mantels to adorn your fireplace.

When you come to us with your requirements for a mantel for an existing fireplace, we take the time to understand your needs and the existing fireplace design and structure. We help with all the information you need and ensure that the mantel you order from us is the perfect fit for your fireplace.

Fireplace Mantel Consultation Services
Choosing the right mantel can be overwhelming with varied design aesthetics, performance factors, and budget considerations. Our team guides how mantel designs, materials, and scale will complement your space. We outline your options to make the process smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.

For more details about the fireplace mantels we carry, please call Outdoor Living Long Island at 516-747-9447. If you prefer to write to us, please use this Contact Us form; we will call back soon to discuss your requirements.