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Grills and Appliances, Mineola, NY Outdoor Living Long Island offers an extensive selection of premium outdoor kitchen appliances, refrigeration units, and other products to help you create your dream outdoor living space. Our wide range of outdoor kitchen equipment includes high-quality grills, ovens, refrigerators, ice makers, and more from leading brands like Delta, FireMagic, Novo, Primo, AOG, and more. We also provide a variety of stylish and durable outdoor cabinetry, countertops, sinks, and hardware in Long Island, NY, to complete your outdoor kitchen. Our inventory includes fire pits, fireplaces, fireplace mantels, and stonework to add ambiance and warmth to your outdoor area. Whether you're looking to outfit a small patio or a large backyard, our team can help you pick appliances and other products for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen tailored to your needs. Comprehensive brand warranties cover all these products, so you can have peace of mind knowing you're investing in equipment made to last. Our team is here to help you make the right choices.

Grills and Appliances

Grills & Appliances, Mineola, NY You can transform your outdoor cooking with our exceptional range of grills and appliances. Our products are crafted with premium materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability while ensuring they withstand the rigors of outdoor use and deliver impeccable performance. We offer a diverse selection, including sleek and stylish designs to robust and feature-rich models to suit every preference and budget. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or just beginning your outdoor culinary journey, our impressive collection caters to all levels of expertise. We are committed to quality and innovation and provide high-quality outdoor-grade products with every use that promises longevity and excellence. With these grills and appliances, you can easily upgrade your outdoor living space and create unforgettable cooking experiences. Feel free to explore our range and call us for any additional information you need for the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen setup. We are here to help with all the details and specifications you need about these appliances. Read More About Grills And Appliances »

Outdoor Refrigeration

Outdoor Refrigeration, Mineola, NY Here is our range of premium outdoor refrigeration products, all designed to meet the demands of outdoor environments. These refrigeration solutions offer superior performance and reliability without compromising on style. They are built with the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, and providing years of reliable cooling for your outdoor space. You can choose from compact units perfect for cozy patios to spacious options ideal for expansive outdoor kitchens. We offer a diverse selection to suit every need and space requirement. Our outdoor refrigeration products maintain consistent temperatures, keeping your beverages and perishables chilled to perfection even in the harshest outdoor conditions. These exceptional outdoor refrigeration solutions are the best way to transform your outdoor entertaining experience and enjoy the convenience of cold drinks and fresh ingredients at your fingertips. We know that each client will have specific needs, so we provide several options to cater to diverse needs. Read More About Outdoor Refrigeration »

Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens, Mineola, NY Whether you're a seasoned chef or simply enjoy the art of cooking, we are your reliable supplier of high-quality pizza ovens. With these products, you will have a fantastic outdoor cooking experience as they combine functionality with aesthetic appeal and are built to last. They come in sleek and modern designs and blend seamlessly into any outdoor living space, transforming it into the perfect cooking zone. We carry pizza ovens of leading brands engineered to deliver exceptional performance. This excellence in quality ensures that your pizzas come out perfectly cooked every time. From traditional wood-fired ovens to convenient gas-powered options, we offer many choices to suit your preferences. We understand the importance of durability and reliability, so we source our pizza ovens from reputable manufacturers. Each product is constructed using high-quality materials to withstand the elements and provide years of enjoyment. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect pizza oven for your needs. Read More About Pizza Ovens »

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens, Mineola, NY Transform your outdoor living space with our "Outdoor Living" design team.
Choose from our ready-to-go predesigned outdoor kitchens or a custom outdoor kitchen.
We offer many different options from stainless steel UV resistant with a powder coat finish, high-density polyethelene (HDPE), aluminum with a powder coat and PVC covered with a polymer finish.
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Fire Pits/Fire Features

Fire Pits/Fire Features, Mineola, NY Experience the warmth and ambiance of an outdoor fire with our impressive variety of fire pits and fire features. We offer products from leading brands known for their quality construction and innovative designs. Choose from wood-burning, gas-powered, or gel-fuel fire pits in shapes ranging from classic round to modern square. Select portable fire pits you can quickly move or permanent installations. Our fire tables allow you to enjoy a cozy fire and have a place to set drinks and snacks. Explore our collection of stone or metal fire bowls for a sophisticated look. Bring the beauty of fire to your patio, deck, or backyard with flames dancing over glass beads, lava rock, or ceramic logs. You can count on outstanding customer service and advice from the knowledgeable team, and we help you select the ideal fire feature to match your style and needs. If you want to upgrade your outdoor living area with a unique fire feature, contact us and discuss your requirements with our team. Read More About Fire Pits/Fireplaces »

Omega Fire Place Mantels

Omega Fire Place Mantels, Mineola, NY Our superior range of quality fireplace mantels meet diverse styling requirements. Our company offers exceptional value, with mantels made from wood, marble, granite, slate, and stacked stone. You can choose from classic and contemporary designs to match any d├ęcor. We provide mantels in various sizes to fit over your existing fireplace opening seamlessly, and you never have to worry about a mismatch. Explore wood mantels with hand-carved details or sleek, simple lines. Marble and granite mantels add natural stone beauty and elegance, giving your fireplace an organic look with a stacked slate or stone surrounding it. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure timely delivery of your fireplace mantel. Our team is here to help with all the details - providing measurements, answering your questions, and assisting you in making an informed purchase you'll enjoy for years. We deliver the most comprehensive selection and best value on high-grade fireplace mantels to dress up your hearth. Read More About Omega Fire Place Mantels »


Stone, Mineola, NY We supply a wide range of natural stones, including porcelain, marble, and bluestone, for indoor and outdoor projects. Our extensive selection allows you to find the perfect stone to match your unique vision, and you can choose from colors like warm beige, cool grays, and rich browns. We offer multiple stone textures, from smooth polished finishes to rugged tumbled looks, to complement various aesthetics and property styles. If you need large format tiles or smaller mosaics, you'll find an array of sizes for any space. We also provide natural, thin stone veneers for creating stunning walls and backsplashes with the beauty of natural stone without the weight. Browse this products page for styles, sizes, and colors to get ideas. Then call us to discuss your project, and we'll help you pick the ideal stone from our incredible range. We are the company to call for the best variety and value in natural stone. Read More About Stone »

We supply it all for creating your ideal outdoor living space. We know that customers will have differing needs; sometimes, they only need a few additions to an existing space. No matter your requirements, our company has the premium products and expertise to help. Browse our website to discover our extensive selection of outdoor kitchen appliances, including top-of-the-line grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and more from renowned brands. As you can see above, we also offer a wide variety of stylish outdoor cabinetry, durable stone countertops, materials, convenient storage solutions, cozy fire pits and fireplaces, beautiful natural stone veneers, and any other outdoor living accessories you can imagine. Every requirement is manageable for our team. We will help you find all the products you need for your unique and practical outdoor kitchen aligned with your unique style and needs. To learn more and discuss your outdoor kitchen requirements, call Outdoor Living Long Island at 516-747-9447 or use our online Contact Us form. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to hearing from you and making your ideal outdoor living area a reality!